Printing Tips

1. before turning on machine , please make sure the printhead is in central position.t never move the printhead when machine is on.

2. Please make sure the ink tape in Ink Cartridge is tight. When not in use, pls remove them from printer.

3. When closing front cover, pls make sue the in cartridges are locked in position.

4. Pls warmup the machine and hence the print head for 10 mins before printing.

5. DUST is the number one enemy of Alps printers. The printhead of Alps printer can easily be damaged by DUST particles. When not in use, pls put the Alps printers in a sealed plastic bag to prevent in contaminated by dust. Also , please make sure the ink cartridges and printing media are free of dust.

6. If the print media are he thick, pls use anti-curl option.

7. Please do not remove ink cartridges from printhead by hand. This would damage the printhead.

How to maintain Alps printer

Print head for Alps is very delicate. Some users can keep running the machine for 5 years plus. Some got damaged after a year. The problem is how they maintain the printer. Number 1 enemy is dust because it hurts the print head.

1. We provide a storage bag. When not using the printer, it's better to put it in the storage bag to seal it away from dust.

2. After every usage, use a blower or hair dryer to blow away debris along the print path inside the printer. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to help.

3. Try to avoid using the printer in a smoking environment. The printer is sensitive to smoke.

4. After every 10 rounds of printing, please use a cotton bud (Q-tips) to clean the print head with isopropyl alcohol. Let it evaporate before sealing the machine.

By taking the above procedures, you can extend the life of the alps printer for years.

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