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we can repair Alps Md Printers
For:Alps MD1300,Alps MD5000,Alps MD5500 Printer

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Welcome to
Decals on Alps Printers,custom decals logos printers
Our mission : To extend the wonderful printing capabilities of ALPS Printers !
Our team consists of hobby lovers which build RC models and we need to print hobby decals every day. ALPS printers are the only affordable printers for white color hobby decals printing in the market. Unfortunately , ALPS ceased production of the whole ALPS printers product line in 2010.
We need to find parts / inks / and even replacement printers continuously. During the process we have established various suppliers in Asia for ALPS products. Now we've decided to serve commercial ALPS users like you.
Our services include
1. Sale of ALPS MD 1000,MD 1300 / MD 5000 / MD 5500 in various conditions (or even brand new MD5500)
2. Provide Ink Supplies
3. Provide repair service for your ALPS printers (Even printer heads. But no new heads are available now , we provide good condition heads)
4. Professional packaging for shipping of ALPS printers
5. If your printing quantity can reach 20pcs per design, we can provide UV / Silkscreen printing services at affordable prices. Each A4 is about US$10+
We've sold more than 50 ALPS printers already and our technician knows ALPS printers well. We can provide test print reports to buyers before printers are dispatched. Thus, buyers can be sure they are buying the right printer before they actually see it.
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ALPS MicroDry Status

IMPORTANT UPDATE 21st December 2009
Alps have announced that the MD-5500 printer will no longer be sold after the 31st May 2010.
Alps will continue to offer a 12 month warranty on all printers sold up to the end of sale date.
Alps will also continue to offer a repair service for the MD-5500 for five years after the end of sale date (i.e. up to 31st May 2015), and will still supply inks and other consumables for five years after the MD-5500 end of sale date (i.e. until the 31st May 2015)

There has been a lot of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) spread about the status of MicroDry printers, and the consumables required to run them. Most of the FUD has centred around erroneous information that Alps has ceased operation of the MicroDry production line, and that ink cartridges and printers will no longer be available.
This is simply not true

One of the Alps Supplies partners is resident in Japan, and speaks Japanese fluently. Here is the status of the MicroDry product line as explained to him by the Alps Electric printer marketing department:

While Alps has ceased manufacture of most of the MicroDry printer models, The MD-5500 printer is still being manufactured, and there are no plans to cease production of this printer. The rumours that the printer is merely being assembled from parts already in inventory are just that, rumours.
Ink cartridges are still being manufactured for the MD-5500, although Alps has ceased production of inks not compatible with the MD-5500. There are also no plans to cease production of the inks which are currently available.
The MD-5500 is primarily for the Japanese domestic market. Japanese law requires manufacturers to support products with spare parts and consumables for five years after a product has gone out of production (OOP). As the MD-5500 is still in production, ink cartridges and spare parts for these machines will still be available for many years to come.
Consequently, our customers can shop with confidence.